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PhotonWorld is more than just a tech conference, it's a platform where we reconnect with peers we've worked with across multiple companies—relationships that span decades. It is a moment in time where we celebrate their success and provide our point of view on which digital trends will shape industries globally in the next 3-5 years.


  • At PhotonWorld 2014, we foresaw the shift toward Big Data and the competitive advantages it would bring to data driven companies.
  • At PhotonWorld 2016, we spoke about the challenges of Two-Speed Architecture and the imperative to shift to Digital Enterprises—For your systems of records to move at digital speeds. The emergence of Natural Language Processing and its future impact on contextual search and customer experiences.
  • In 2018, at PhotonWorld, we highlighted the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on automation and the benefits of the potential AI offered. We foresaw AI’s ability to generate content, craft images, and develop code.

Today, these past PhotonWorld predictions have manifested into reality.


PhotonWorld 23, held at NYSE, embraced the theme "Tomorrow Makers." A toast to our customers who are making tomorrow happen today. The event saw the convergence of industry trailblazers to discuss the latest digital trends such as Generative AI, Web 3.0, Decentralized Internet, the demise of Third-party Cookies and Tokenization of Consumer Data, Big Data, Cloud, Martech, and more.

Each session unveils our latest digital predictions and when we believe they will materialize – after all we help the Tomorrow Makers make tomorrow happen today.

To learn about the next wave of predictions, request access to PhotonWorld 23 sessions.

Request Access to PhotonWorld 23 Sessions


PhotonWorld 23 Sessions

Gain a comprehensive understanding of our POV on the latest digital trends. Request access to the full PhotonWorld 23 Sessions today.


Welcome Address by Srinivas Balasubramanian, Co-founder & CEO, Photon. Request Full Session

Photon CTO Kickoff by Mukund Balasubramanian, Co-founder & CTO, Photon. Request Full Session

Convergence by Chintan Mehta, EVP, Digital, Innovation and Strategy & Technology Fellow, Wells Fargo. Request Full Session

Fireside Chat: Mukund & Lubomira Rochet, Partner at JAB and Former CDO L'Oréal. Request Full Session

MarTech Innovation by Deepak Sharma, Chief Client Strategy Officer, Photon. Request Full Session

Future of Digital by Momo, EVP - Engineering, Photon. Request Full Session

Panel - Digital’s Impact on Customer Experiences. Request Full Session

Breathing New Life into Tired Legacy Platforms by Dan Regalado, Former CIO, Banfield. Request Full Session

Mindset, Culture & Leadership by Abhi Dhar. Request Full Session

Panel - Digital’s Impact on Healthcare. Request Full Session

Creative Hackathon Results: Human vs. Generative AI by Jim Kim, Chief Creative Officer, Photon & Annah Lansdown, VP, Executive Creative Director, Photon. Request Full Session



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Key Moments from PhotonWorld 23



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