Building robust and scalable mobile apps to drive growth

Develop next-gen mobile apps to deliver hyper-personalized CX

Today’s digital-savvy customers demand mobile apps that connect them anytime and anywhere. Harness the power of mobile apps and mobile app development process to deliver a more effective, real-time CX to acquire and retain the next generation of customers.

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The mobile-first approach has transformed how companies engage with their customers and employees. In today’s digital and interconnected world mobile apps are not just another ideal thought, but rather, a prerequisite to stay ahead in this highly competitive landscape.

Photon leverages the power of mobile applications to connect enterprises with consumers in the moments that matter and deliver digital experiences at scale. Mobile apps have become a primary touchpoint in the digital stack that connects customers with their favorite brands anytime and everywhere. From product discovery to decision making, customers are using mobile apps to achieve various outcomes based on industry and intent. 

Creating a singular, compelling need that drives consumer engagement and convinces the user to keep your app present on their mobile device is the driving force behind the most successful apps today. We work with market leaders to address challenges in their digital journey and unlock the power and opportunity offered by mobile applications.

Utility drives Mobile App usage

Mobile apps as a utility

Photon employs a discovery process that uncovers problems faced and how to overcome those friction points through mobile application functionality — allowing for higher app engagement and elevating the service you provide.

Photon Delivers Success with Compelling & Distinctive UX

Compelling & distinctive UX

Photon knows the significance that an elegant, intuitive and user-friendly UI can have on the user’s choice to engage in your experience or delete it. Delivering a reliable and enhanced user experience is of paramount importance.

Photon's Engineers Have Set a High Bar of Excellence in the Industry.

Engineering excellence

Our 4,300 experienced engineers have a long history of blending mobile technologies to solve problems, creating new avenues of business and engineering some of the most challenging digital transformation projects with our Global Fortune 100 clients.

Photon Deploys Mobile Apps with Feature Parity Across OS

Feature parity across OS

Photon incorporates the latest advances in mobile technology, methods of engagement, and system integration to deliver UX results that are consistent throughout every major operating system and device.

Photon is the world’s largest and fastest growing provider of mobile-first digital experiences

Photon is a known leader in developing award-winning mobile applications for 40% of the Fortune 100 companies. These best-in-class mobile applications are designed to solve the critical challenges that enterprises across the world face.

Connect with Photon and develop world-class mobile applications to delight, acquire and retain your digital-savvy customers. 

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“Creating a compelling user experience is no longer an afterthought but rather an inextricable part of the core strategy of forward thinking enterprises, to reimagine customer experiences in the mobile age.”

Jim Kim

Vice President, Executive Creative Director

Jim Kim

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Photon's mobile-first strategy guide
Photon's mobile-first strategy guide
Photon's mobile-first strategy guide

Download our mobile-first best practices guide and learn how we have helped Fortune 500 companies build world-class mobile apps.

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