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One of the first industries to recognize the power of digital and data through its myriad loyalty programs, Travel & Hospitality has the opportunity to once again redefine the travel experience through even greater hyper-personalization as digital continues its rapid and unprecedented evolution.

The industry’s next transformation starts with the amalgamation of emerging digital technologies, such as mobility, AI and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and Big Data, and connecting guests, venues, devices, and channels through this single platform.  

Whether it’s helping to reinvent how people book their trips, fly their favorite airline, or discover hotel experiences tailored to their individual tastes, Photon empowers Travel & Hospitality visionaries to remove the frictions to travel enjoyment and create unique moments in a very competitive landscape.

Photon discusses the latest travel and hospitality trends that shape the future of digital travel experiences:

Tailor personalized digital experiences by channel.

Front-end focus

Develop and tailor personalized digital experiences by channel or device by leveraging the power of APIs to deliver consistent brand engagement, from mobile apps to adaptive-responsive web designs, conversational interfaces to relevant Internet-of-Things. 

Facilitate fast discovery of huge data sets.

Big data personalization

Facilitate fast discovery of huge data sets, supported by robust Cloud and Big Data strategies, enabling faster innovation and meaningful decision-making. 

Analyze customer behavior by leveraging AI and machine learning.

AI-powered platforms

Analyze customer behavior by leveraging AI and machine learning to predict behaviors in real time and act accordingly to delight customers. 

Transform consumer experienced through smart APIs & Microservices

APIs and microservices

Transform Travel & Hospitality brands into consumer experience hubs through smart APIs & Microservices to bring new products and services to market faster that are readily scalable and streamlined.  

Photon’s deep understanding of the Travel & Hospitality industry and expertise in disruptive digital technologies have helped some of the biggest names in the market maximize their offerings, innovations, and promotions without undermining the human touch that their guests appreciate. Read how Photon’s digital travel solutions shaped the future travel experiences of a private jet airlines.

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"New-age customers expect seamless, digitally powered experiences, before, during, and after their stay. With the data pool of guests’ location, behavior, and preferences, enterprises must walk the extra mile to create awe-inspiring digital experiences that do not just meet but exceed the expectations of guests and travelers."

Mukund Balasubramanian


Mukund Balasubramanian

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