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With the radical changes in patient data access and non-invasive services, Photon helps healthcare companies maximize their legacy information and grow revenue while reducing costs through digital transformation to deliver breakthrough patient insights and care. 

Connect with Photon to learn more about our healthcare experiences that will help you address today’s challenges, while relentlessly pursuing tomorrow’s patient and healthcare systems. 


Photon helps healthcare & pharmaceutical companies—from healthcare providers to pharma brands— use the power of digital technologies to deliver hyper-personalized, efficient and informed healthcare services with data-driven insights. 

Technology is now at the root of healthcare services. From community-driven personalized digital experiences to self-providing medical devices, healthcare companies are developing a wide range of intelligent and customer-centric experiences that include a mix of AI, Robotics, AR/VR and connected devices.

However, the technology infrastructure to support these hyper-connected digital experiences has not evolved at the same pace. Healthcare legacy systems weren’t developed to accommodate this rapid digital expansion. These legacy systems will soon block the pace of digital innovation. To position themselves for more sustainable growth, healthcare companies need to rethink and integrate digital at the core of their operating models. 

What is digital health?

Digital health includes technologies, platforms, and systems that engage customers for lifestyle, wellness, and health-related purposes and capture, store, or transmit health data and/or support life science and clinical operations.

At Photon we help healthcare companies reach their full digital potential to:

  • Improve and rethink the patient experience
  • Bring outcome-based care to the forefront
  • Enhance revenue growth and reduce costs
  • Develop alternative value-based healthcare services, like patient communities
  • Create intelligent ecosystems with the help of AI, Cloud Migration and Big Data Personalization

Photon’s extensive healthcare services cover these areas of focus.

Mobile app solutions

Mobile app solutions

Leverage mobile technologies and succeed in the era of individualized healthcare where patients are empowered to help manage their care.

AI-applications in healthcare

AI-applications in healthcare

Photon delivers a full spectrum of AI capabilities - including advanced analytics, natural language processing, machine learning and automation to reinvent patient-provider relationships. 

Cloud computing in healthcare

Cloud computing in healthcare

Photon cloud architecture leverages the right combination of digital technologies, processes and rich expertise in delivering transformation programs ensuring reliable and lower migration cost. 

Connected & immersive healthcare

Connected & immersive healthcare

Use the power of AR/VR technologies to develop UIs which can interact with AI platforms empowering healthcare companies to leverage new types of patient data.

Photon’s healthcare digital experiences help Fortune 500 healthcare companies transform their businesses through digital re-imagination. 

Backed by a rich experience of serving 40% of the Fortune 100 companies, Photon’s digital experiences help healthcare companies become connected, smarter and agile. Our innovation teams have helped develop a range of digital solutions that are at the forefront of healthcare services. We work with leading healthcare companies to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of digital technologies and mobile-powered solutions.

Photon's partnership with WBA

Photon is a proud partner of the Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) and Alphega Pharmacy. Photon was awarded the Walgreens Boots Alliance Technology Partner of the Year, supporting Alphega’s world-class mobile app experience.

Connect with Photon to learn more about our digital healthcare experiences that will help you address today’s challenges, while relentlessly pursuing tomorrow’s patient and healthcare systems. 

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“Embedding patient care into the surrounding world begins with an IT architecture transformation, building capabilities with the help of digital technologies to power intelligent actions everywhere.”

Muhamad Daud

EVP, Engineering & Head of Photon Labs

Muhamad Daud

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Deliver customer-centric digital healthcare services

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Healthcare in the Digital Age | Photon’s Best Practices
Healthcare in the Digital Age | Photon’s Best Practices
Healthcare in the Digital Age | Photon’s Best Practices

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