Speak Up

Building Our Business on Values, Ethics, and Integrity

Speak Up embodies our commitment to upholding our ethical culture. It is managed by our group ethics function and supported by our leadership team, ethics and compliance team, and HR.


Ethical reporting is an essential aspect of effective governance. Reporting concerns is an early warning system for businesses to swiftly detect, resolve, and prevent ethical violations.

Employees often need more awareness and trust in the system's credibility to use existing internal reporting channels. Our Speak Up program is a combination of policies or procedures within an organization that establishes effective channels for reporting and extensive protection and support for those who report.

Enterprise ESG

Speak Up: Ethics Reporting and Advisory Tool

Our 24/7 ethics helpline, Speak Up, hosted by an independent provider, serves as a vital channel for reporting issues and seeking advice on actions or behaviors. It's instrumental in:

  • Promoting the safe expression of concerns and difficulties for management to be aware of Employees, Vendors, Suppliers, business partners, Dealer/Distributor Network, Agents and Third Parties.
  • Providing reassurance to all stakeholders that their worries are taken seriously. Ensuring that threats to financial integrity, the environment, public health and safety, human rights and the rule of law do not go unchecked.
  • Concerns about unethical behavior, real or suspected fraud, or violations of the company's code of conduct or ethics policy should be reported.


This initiative is at the heart of our commitment to transparency and integrity. We're here to support you with clarity and assistance in every ethical query or concern.
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