Embracing adaptive and responsive web design to win digital moments

Reshape web design to drive customer engagement

Reach your customers, anywhere, on any device, to provide a truly omnichannel and engaging digital customer experience, by leveraging Photon’s Adaptive Responsive Design (ARD) experiences

Connect with Photon now to reinvent your value chain, innovate and deliver user experiences with the power of adaptive and responsive web designs. 


Designing for the digital age - Moving from enterprise-level services to user-centric services

Customer experience is the battleground for brands today. Winning in this new competitive landscape means being both hyper-focused on the customer and agile enough to power newly connected and super-personalized digital experiences to accommodate new channels of communication. Putting user-centric focus in place creates unique experiences that build engagement with connected consumers across digital touchpoints. 

Photon applies the power of web design thinking to enterprises’ business models and unleashes customer-centric digital innovation to drive business growth with digital capabilities. Photon leverages adaptive and responsive web design to deliver the following benefits to businesses:

  • Unified messaging across consumer touchpoints
  • Engaging, dynamic user experiences
  • Compelling, readable content on all form-factors 
  • Creating personalized experiences across all touchpoints 
  • Integrating relevant social media platforms within the design 
  • Including fundamental security and privacy protocols
Photon Front-end Experiences Provide Unified Delivery Across Devices

Unified delivery across devices

Our adaptive and responsive web designs respond to the detected size and scales while providing an integrated and unified view to all users across various devices and applications.

Photon Creative Design Thinking Workshops

Design thinking

Photon’s design thinking capabilities help enterprises to create meaningful CX that bridges the gap between the physical and digital interactions of people, processes, and products. 

Photon Interactive Extensive UX Journey Mapping Workshops

UX journey mapping

Photon’s visualization of a customer journey map chronicles the relationship that a brand wants to develop with the consumer, while emphasizing on consumer needs and fixing pain points. 

UI Breakpoints Across Different Form-Factors

UI breakpoints across different form factors

We use the latest web technologies—such as HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript—to detect the capabilities of the user’s device and tailor the user experience as per the form factor, be it a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Win your customers’ digital moments by integrating Photon’s adaptive and responsive architecture

Photon has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to redesign and develop front-end UI using innovative adaptive and responsive design principles for a unified, consistent, and modern UX across channels. Our work involved designing, architecting, developing, and implementing a fully integrated digital user experience framework to create adaptive and responsive presences across devices ranging from desktops to tablets to mobile phones. From creating award-winning adaptive responsive designs to completely overhauling user experiences, our team of talented digital engineers assists you at every step of your digital business transformation journey.

Connect with Photon now to reinvent your value chain, innovate and deliver user experiences with the power of adaptive and responsive web designs. 

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“A user experience has to be intuitive and simple to use. Great design empowers users to harness the benefits of new technologies with the familiarity of a child’s toy. If your interface requires instructional text, it's time to bring the designers back to the table."

Jim Kim

VP, Executive Creative Director

Jim Kim

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Download our progessive web apps best practices guide
Download our progessive web apps best practices guide
Download our progessive web apps best practices guide

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