Olive Garden serves up rich guest experiences through mobile

Creating frictionless personalized guest experiences

Learn how Darden Restaurants teamed up with Photon to enhance the mobile experience for guests at its largest restaurant brand, Olive Garden.


“Mobile access to the wait list was a big leap in our ability to improve the guest experience and eliminate common pain points like long waits during the dinner rush.”

—Chris Chang, SVP & CIO at Darden Restaurants

Photon helps Olive Garden eliminate painpoints in the guest experience and offer personalized services.

Darden Restaurants, a Fortune 500 company, operates a unique portfolio of businesses including Olive Garden and other casual and fine dining restaurants. Their SVP and Chief Information Officer, Chris Chang understands the importance of fully embracing digital to improve overall brand presence and guest loyalty. Darden chose Photon as their mobile app development partner for Olive Garden. Rather than simply designing apps and applying shiny technologies, Photon focused on implementing a customer-centric mobile strategy.

These new features give Olive Garden’s guests increased convenience and control while expediting services and creating frictionless personalized experiences.


“Photon really stepped up our systems of engagement and insight,” adds Chris. “We now leverage data and insights more effectively to deliver great guest experiences.”

Photon’s creative services modernized Olive Garden’s digital experiences.

Modernized UX

Photon’s creative services modernized Olive Garden’s digital experiences for cross-channel engagement, improving the UX across online ordering and payments. 

Photon helps find the idea behind the utility of your mobile app.

“ToGo” experience

Further enhancing the guest experience, Photon brought a key new feature to Olive Garden’s “ToGo” offering, that allows guests to see their order history through the mobile app and quickly reorder past orders.

iPhone & Android Restaurant Applications

iOS and Android app

Photon built independent, native iOS and Android mobile applications for Olive Garden and enabled new features such as the ability to join the waitlist remotely.

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“Millennials increasingly expect features like online ordering, payment flexibility, and personalized services. With Photon’s implementation of the Olive Garden mobile app, we saw an exciting improvement in our overall guest engagement and loyalty.”

Chris Chang

SVP & CIO at Darden Restaurants

Chris Chang - SVP & CIO at Darden Restaurants

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Serving up hyper-personalized guest experiences

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