Digital strategy: Mobile-first means API-first

Drive innovation with the power of APIs

APIs and Microservices are the middle layer of the stack powering the omnichannel vision and unlocking back-end data and functionality.

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Convergence of megatrends like cloud platforms, mobile apps, and the IoT devices has made interconnectedness a precondition for digital business success. By allowing one-to-many and many-to-one loose coupling between systems, APIs enable the interconnectedness and business agility demanded by the always-on, always-connected customers and are quickly proving their value as a game-changing strategic business tool.

Photon’s foundational team had realized the business value of APIs in 1998 when we had founded Infravio, one of the world's leading SOA Infrastructure companies that wrote several standards in the SOA Governance and API Management space and was acquired by webMethods in 2006. Leveraging the deep understanding of enterprise middleware we gained from those roots, Photon today builds award-winning omnichannel presences for some of the biggest brands, including 40% of the Fortune 100 companies.

As next-gen integration middleware that allow lightweight connectivity between systems, APIs are the core engine that enable app integration, new rapid functionality development, mobile delivery, microservices and consumer-focused digital experiences. At Photon, we’re seeing an increasing number of CIOs and IT decision makers from some of the world’s biggest brands and across industries embrace APIs to speed up their digital transformation and innovation track, while lowering friction, development time, and cost. Sample use cases are:

  • Integrating shipping methods like pick-up in-store seamlessly into a website or mobile check-out process
  • Building web-scale applications via small, scaleable, functional components
  • Enhancing digital experiences with new features or services from third-party developers
  • Connecting data platforms with content delivery networks to deliver highly personalized experiences that drive next best action
  • Building omnichannel applications that connect customers to legacy system data like PI or historical transaction data - providing customers the flexibility to manage their account info, check-on an order or view past transactions anywhere and at any time

Regardless of the use case, it is imperative that all CEOs recognize the rising significance of APIs in a digital enterprise architecture — that mobile-first really means going API-first.

Connect with Photon to Learn how APIs can help you unlock omnichannel success.

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The digital transformation framework

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