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Data-drivenness is about building tools, abilities, and, most crucially, a culture that acts on data.
More than just installing the right tools and applications, becoming data-driven is about making data and analytics part of the business strategy, its systems, processes, and culture. It’s about creating a mindset in which analytics form the basis of all fact-based business decisions and are embraced by all levels of the organization.
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“To reap the benefits of using big data lineage to demonstrate reporting accuracy, enterprises should conduct a full discovery of interconnections, data sources, and processing systems and create a metadata repository for all the data attributes required to describe the data flow from origin to destination.”

Muhamad Daud

EVP, Engineering & Head, Photon Labs

Muhamad Daud

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Creating a Data-driven Organization I Photon’s Best Practices
Creating a Data-driven Organization I Photon’s Best Practices
Creating a Data-driven Organization I Photon’s Best Practices

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