How to build an effective Site Reliability Engineering team

Photon’s best practices to build a successful SRE team

At Photon, SRE best practices combine agile methodology with expertise in cloud, big data, and mobile to create custom solutions that help Fortune 500 clients make timely decisions and increase productivity.

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SRE is a cross-functional discipline that empowers software developers to own ongoing daily operations of the applications in production. The importance of an SRE team is quickly becoming apparent to the organizations that have adopted it.

Google’s SRE book does a great job of outlining what a modern practice should look like in a DevOps world. But what about SRE practices at companies that aren’t the size of Google? At Photon, our SRE best practices are designed for enterprises with different maturity levels across various sectors. 

Our SRE team spends less time chasing misleading alerts and focuses on delivering the best experience across every touchpoint of customer engagement. We help you create highly reliable and scalable applications, and our SRE team has an in-depth understanding of how different systems work together.

View our infographic below to get a quick overview of our SRE best practices and how we can help you build the perfect Site Reliability Engineering team.


A robust SRE strategy is imperative, particularly for forward-looking digital companies that are transitioning to cloud-native platforms and delivery models. Photon's SRE services help you create highly reliable and scalable applications and manage hyperscale infrastructure using automation, all while minimizing expenditure. 

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Photon Site Reliability Engineering Best Practices
Photon Site Reliability Engineering Best Practices
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