Bloomsbury drives digital content at scale

Building a self-serve platform to revolutionize digital publishing

Learn how Bloomsbury partnered with Photon to develop a cost-effective, content-driven, and self-serve digital publishing platform.


Bloomsbury Publishing leverages the power of a self-serve, content-driven platform to deliver digital content at scale.

Bloomsbury is an independent, worldwide publishing house of fiction and non-fiction, featuring authors who have won the Nobel, Pulitzer, and Booker Prizes. Bloomsbury is the originating publisher and custodian of the Harry Potter series.

The Bloomsbury Academic section (for humanities and social sciences) publishes over 1,000 books and digital services each year. And Bloomsbury Content Services helps external partners inform, inspire, and engage their audiences by providing scalable, high-quality content, marketing, and publishing services.
With its fast-growing publishing business, Bloomsbury Publishing had the ambition to launch new content-driven products faster and more aggressively than ever before. They wanted to build a robust, self-serve platform to realize their vision of publishing digital content at scale.

Photon’s self-serve platform transforms Bloomsbury’s digital publishing services

Photon conceptualized and developed an award-winning Self-Service Platform (SSP) to redefine business models and deliver more personalized content at scale. Over the last three years, twelve digital products were launched through the SSP. Today, the number of content pieces available using the platform has increased to over 1M.

Features of the SSP:

  • Supports XML and PDF uploads
  • Renders various types of content such as encyclopedia, monograph, drama, articles, screenplays, and audio/video
  • Creates websites using multiple components such as image carousel, paragraph, audio, video, maps, and timelines
  • Customizes the theme for each website
  • Integrates with third-party interfaces for authentication, analytics, and cloud storage
  • Integrates with social media
  • Previews websites before publishing

The SSP has won two awards:

“Photon’s self-serve platform helped us to navigate the digital content landscape effectively, streamline editorial workflows, automate content production, provide access to premium content via subscriptions, and facilitate user engagement across devices, platforms, and channels.”

—Pedja Pavlicic, Head of Digital at Bloomsbury


Self-service platform (SSP)

This platform is highly scalable, requires less technical support and can be managed with ease at the client’s side.

Login procedure

Login procedure

Identity management allows users to register and access digitized content quickly and easily.

Search option

Search option

A simple search option helps the user locate the right, hyper-personalized content recommendations.

Maps feature

Maps feature

A set of rules has been defined behind the maps feature to display the content associated with each geographical location.

The future

Based on new and emerging content types, Bloomsbury continues to constantly upgrade and enhance the SSP. The publishing firm is continuously adding new content types and expanding the features of the platform. 
Agile development, powered by Photon’s digital publishing solutions, helps traditional publishing and media companies disrupt their end-to-end operations and business models to foster a connected and value-based content ecosystem.
Connect with Photon and learn how to deliver hyper-personalized, unique content experiences at scale.

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“Digital-savvy customers expect content to be always available, accessible, and consistent across multiple digital touchpoints. As a result, publishing and media companies must unlock new opportunities to translate data into actionable insights and deliver real-time and unified digital content at scale.”

Mukund Balasubramanian

CTO and Co-Founder at Photon

Mukund Balasubramanian

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