Samsung Rebuilds their eCommerce Platform to Meet New Demands in the Digital HyperExpansion® Era

Optimizing customer experiences and eCommerce operations

Kal Raman, Chief Digital Officer at Samsung America, discusses how Samsung partnered with Photon to rebuild their eCommerce platform and meet new consumer demands in the Third Digital Wave we call Digital HyperExpansion®.


Kal Raman, the Chief Digital Officer at Samsung America, discusses how Samsung America partnered with Photon to build a next-gen eCommerce platform to meet consumers’ growing expectations.

Samsung America is a global innovation leader in consumer electronics design and technology. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Samsung America delivers a broad range of digital consumer electronics, mobile products and wearables, wireless infrastructure, IT, and home appliance products. 

Digital HyperExpansion® has accelerated the digital shift and significantly impacted how consumers shop and engage with brands. Samsung wanted to build a differentiated eCommerce platform to adapt to these changes and better engage with customers through data-driven, personalized digital interactions.
Photon helped Samsung reconstruct their platform into a microservices-based, scalable eCommerce platform. This successful project delivered unique, new services that made the shopping journey on more personalized and seamless for consumers. 

Over the last four years, Samsung partnered with Photon for platform development and innovation, purchase funnel optimization, and customer journey improvements. Photon has been Samsung’s go-to digital agency for technical expertise around DevOps, Android/iOS development, and Node.js-based microservices architecture.

“As continues to evolve, our partnership with Photon helps us stay on top of the ever-changing eCommerce and digital landscape. Photon is an extended arm of our development team,” said Kal Raman, Chief Digital Officer, Samsung America.

Kal Raman, Chief Digital Officer, Samsung America, talks about creating scalable eCommerce platforms to drive customer engagement.

Going forward, Samsung is planning projects with Photon in the areas of marketing technology, mobile platforms, and omnichannel strategies.

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“Enterprises need to adopt a future-ready, adaptable, and scalable eCommerce platform that can meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike and help deliver engaging shopping moments.”

Mukund Balasubramanian

CTO, Co-Founder at PHOTON

Mukund Balasubramanian