The rise of digital healthcare and consumerism

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Our infographic gives a quick overview of the impact of digital technologies and consumerism on healthcare services. It reveals the key technologies that are improving provider-consumer relationship, creating new efficiencies, and redefining consumer engagement.


The healthcare space is transforming rapidly owing to the adoption of next-gen digital technologies. With the changing behavior of healthcare consumers in seeking a more digitally-enabled personalized and preventive care, the onus is on healthcare and pharma providers to leverage digital technologies to move from traditional healthcare to digital service delivery to optimize their operations and deliver convenient, on-demand experiences.

As consumerism continues to shape the future of healthcare, more digital-native players are entering the market and delivering transparent, hyper-convenient, and tailored services to consumers. While large global healthcare providers are ramping up their IT investments in infrastructure modernization and digital technologies. 

To remain a competitive player and become future-ready, traditional healthcare providers must build digital capabilities to enable services—such as precision medicine (also known as personalized medicine), connected health, integration of AI-powered intelligence, mHealth, wearables, and telehealth.

View our infographic below to get a quick overview of how healthcare has evolved over the years, why consumer-centric healthcare delivery is an urgent need, and how next-gen digital technologies are changing the healthcare industry dynamics.


A deeper look into digital healthcare

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Redefining healthcare & pharma with digital innovation

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Healthcare in the Digital Age | Photon’s Best Practices
Healthcare in the Digital Age | Photon’s Best Practices
Healthcare in the Digital Age | Photon’s Best Practices

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