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Personalization drives loyalty by offering customers a tailored, insight-driven experience in their moment of need. Omnichannel personalization has become a key differentiating opportunity for businesses to be more customer-centric and boost conversion, consumer engagement, and lifetime value.

Personalization can deliver 5 to 8 times the ROI on marketing spend and lift sales by 10% or more. By 2020, digital businesses can see a 15% profit increase by using smart personalization engines to recognize customer intent.

With the meteoric rise in e-commerce and m-commerce, both the digital natives and the brick and mortars with digital presences are vying for “me-commerce”—personalizing the customer experience for every customer, during every interaction, across every touchpoint. And their struggle is real—more than half of personalization efforts fail. 

So how do you deliver a wildly successful personalized omnichannel experience?

Download the Whitepaper to learn: 

  • What is personalization?
  • Why omnichannel personalization matters for retail, consumer goods, and financial services brands
  • Top 7 benefits of personalization
  • What powers a personalization engine? Big data, a 360° view of customer, and mobile
  • Case studies on omnichannel personalization strategy of Fortune 500 brands

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